After many abortive attempts to create the subject of 'Jewish Culture' for the Israeli school curriculum, Internal ministry documents obtained by the on line journal Haaretz say there is a new initiative which aims to “develop and shape a Jewish-Israeli identity” and “develop a feeling of belonging and responsibility toward Jewish-Israeli heritage via a pluralistic, open and critical approach.”

The sessions will generally include the study of a text along with some other activity. The topics will be chosen by the schools and will be run “primarily” by the school staff – wording critics view as an opening for the involvement of outside groups.

The documents suggest a long list of possible session topics. For instance, kindergartners can learn Bible stories such as Noah’s ark or “the values of Shabbat” via the prayer book.

Topics for first- and second-graders include receiving the Torah or Talmudic stories about [[#|interpersonal]] relations; for third- and fourth-graders Jerusalem or “social responsibility” in the context of the sabbatical year; and for fifth- and sixth-graders Zionist heritage or the weekly Torah portion.

Topics for seventh- and eighth-graders include honoring one’s parents, attitudes toward the other or observing Shabbat; for ninth- and 10th-graders various Jewish movements (such as Orthodox, Conservative and Reform) or social justice in connection with the values of the sabbatical year; and for 11th- and 12th-graders Hasidic stories or tikkun olam (repairing the world).

This wiki deals with the question, 'Why is there a plethora of a subjects entitled 'Cultural Studies', but no [[#|parent]] subject entitled 'Culture'?

The wiki is an offshoot of the wiki entitled 'Cultural ecology'. The topics in the left hand menu are being gathered as building blocks for the following mind map.

Cullture as a subject: a mind map in progress !
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